Why Should You Choose Pack & Stack Self Storage?

Pack and Stack Self Storage @ South Murwillumbah is a Member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA)

Local & Convenient

As we’re based in South Murwillumbah, that’s just a short drive from the coast, and very, very handy to most Northern Rivers, Tweed Heads and Gold Coast locations.

Which is why we say…

"Travel a little... and SAVE a lot!"

Best Storage Solutions
And Prices

Pack and Stack help provide storage solutions while you are moving, renovating or selling, for personal storage of goods and possessions, for businesses, students or travellers, or for family crises or other emergencies!

We pride ourselves on negotiating the best price for the storage solution you need! But remember, there IS more to fixing a problem than just price 😉

Purpose Built Facility

Pack and Stack has a multi-level warehouse which is fully contained under one roof. The “climate” inside the warehouse is relatively pleasant all year round – i.e. not too hot in Summer, nor too cold in Winter 🙂

24 Hour Security Monitoring / CCTV

Both the inside and outside areas of the Pack and Stack storage warehouse are covered by 24hour CCTV, monitoring and recording.

Wide variety of unit sizes & types

Make sure you discuss with us the size of the storage unit you really need 🙂 We love helping customers with calculating their storage needs!

From small boxes (1.2m x 2.4m) to units (3m x 3m) or garage sized (6m x 3m), or even biggerer – spaces are available to suit a wide range of personal storage and business storage needs.

And if you discover your storage unit is not quite large enough when you first move in… then ask about our SPECIAL OVERFLOW FACILITY!  Here you might be able to store a large item to help free up storage space in your unit! 

Individual storage units

Each unit is under cover, and independent from all other units. They are easily accessible for loading/unloading from our drive through access!

A unique lock & key to each storage unit

Each storage unit can (and should) be locked by you. Either BYO lock and key, or purchase one from the Pack and Stack office during office hours.

Total privacy!

Since you hold the key, you are the only one who knows what you store, and who has access to it. Remember, you can NOT store anything that is illegal, hazardous or dangerous etc.

Direct DRIVE UP access for
easy loading & unloading

All units have direct drive-through access for cars and trailers, without any turning needed or reversing needed.

Upper Level Units

There is easy access to all upper level units. The forklift with a furniture “cage” is available for use during office hours to help get items to/from your unit.

Accessibility for Large Trucks / Furniture Vans

There is an undercover area for loading/unloading of large trucks and furniture vans. With the forklift service available during office hours, we can drive the forlkift & cage right up to the back of your van/truck to load/unload, and then easily move items to your storage unit.

Flexible rental period

There is a MINIMUM stay of ONE MONTH, however longer periods are available. Discounts may also be negotiated on longer term rentals.

Manager on site

A full-time manager is available on site for security and to assist as needed.

Professional advice & tips

Pack and Stack Staff can provide you with assistance and advice to help you solve your storage problems.

Packing materials available

Book cartons and Tea-chest cartons, packing tape, locks and keys are available for purchase from the office.

Access Hours

Access hours for the storage warehouse are Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to 5.00pm. It is closed outside those hours, and on Sundays and Public Holidays. After Hours access may be possible, and is available on application in advance.

Power to storage units

Power may also be available for selected units at additional cost. Again, please make application in advance.

Shipping Containers

Are available for rental or purchase! You can arrange with us to transport Containers to/from your place at additional cost. Containers must NOT be (re)moved from the rental location without our prior approval.


Can be made by cash or EFTPOS in the office, or by Direct Debit. Storage units may be overlocked to prevent unauthorised access if payments are not received on time. 

No Unauthorised Entry

Only the renter, or persons named on the rental agreement, are able to access your storage unit.

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