Downsizing usually means moving into a smaller house, apartment or unit that is more manageable for you.

Often that means less work on regular maintenance, and lower expenses as well!

The trouble with that is, most of your “stuff” probably no longer FITS into that new space!

You see, we DO like to hang onto all sorts of things throughout our lives…

But when that means we keep “tripping” over stuff… or have to keep “moving it around” all the time just to keep the place clean…

Then it’s time to take ACTION!

So What's the Solution?

Well, apart from NOT buying all that stuff in the first place… and it might be a bit too late NOW to suggest that LOL…

You really should consider “downsizing” or more simply, “decluttering”, to simply reduce the TOTAL amount of possessions you have!


One of the best ways to successfully downsize your possessions, is to START by MOVING all your excess stuff into a self-storage unit!

Then, you can use THAT space to easily SORT through all your possessions, and decide what needs to be thrown out, given away, kept, or even SOLD.

Have a Garage Sale!

Or Sell on E-Bay or
Facebook Marketplace

Turn Your Stuff in CA$$$H!

Sell off all of those items you no longer need or want, and turn them into CASH!!! 

You can easily prepare items for a garage sale, or for sale on e-bay or other online marketplaces like your local Facebook BSS groups (Buy Swap And Sell)?

Use that cash to pay off your bills, reduce your credit card debt, or go on a holiday even… 

Just DON’T use it to buy MORE stuff!!! LOL


However… if you’re not really ready to part with a lifetime of memorabilia just yet, the best solution is STILL to put it into self storage and declutter your home!

Whatever you want to call it, the downsizing or decluttering of your possessions, can help you create NEW space in your life, and stop you from continually tripping over (or cleaning around) what is simply mostly “baggage” from your earlier lifestyles!

Get Started
With Downsizing!!!

Sidebar: Personally, I’ve completed the greatest declutter of all time having moved into a mobile home some five years ago! It’s amazing how much stuff I was able to get rid of… yet I STILL can’t find my keys or glasses when I need them 😉 Oh well!