The most obvious use for self-storage is for when you are moving to a new flat, house, or city!

While I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve moved, I DO know I have often used self-storage places to help me out in two main ways!

And the main problems you can face with moving, which Pack and Stack Self Storage can help you solve, are:

1. PACKING your stuff properly

2. Getting the TIMING of your move right!


With our years of experience in the storage industry, you can ask us to RECOMMEND removalists who CAN help with your local, interstate, or even an international move!

Packing Your Possessions Properly!

“Back in the day”… people used to go to their local supermarket or fruit vendor, and grab a whole heap of (different sized) boxes, to pack their stuff into for moving!

Well that’s no good anymore! Actually it never really was, because the DIFFERENT sized boxes made it so-o-o-o much harder to properly PACK and STACK the boxes into the moving truck… or even CARRY the boxes properly on a furniture trolley!

And to make things worse… you just can’t GET those “free” boxes anymore from your supermarket, as they all get flattened and recycled before you can get to them!

Use Book Boxes & Tea Chests!

Now these are strong, STANDARD sized cardboard boxes that are designed specifically for packing your stuff into! They can be EASILY carried, moved and stacked in removal trucks, or storage units! And… they can last for SEVERAL moves if you look after them 🙂

In fact, THE SECRET to a successful move is using these standardised boxes, and then STACKING them properly in the truck!

Make sure the first row of two you pack in the back of your moving truck IS wall-to-ceiling BOXES 🙂 Then load in the larger items, and fill in spaces around them as you go, with even MORE of boxes!

And if it sounds like you are going to need a LOT of boxes – you are dead right!

For example, the “average” kitchen is one of the hardest and most time consuming rooms to PACK properly! With all the plates, cutlery, utensils, saucepans, pots and other cooking gear, multiple bench appliances, tupperware (!), pantry food, etc., etc… you’ll probably need 10 or MORE book boxes just to wrap and pack all the contents of your kitchen!

So don’t forget… Heaps of book cartons and tea chests are readily available from the Pack and Stack Self Storage office! Along with the RIGHT sort of tape required for packing! Just drop in during office hours on weekdays between 8.30 and 5.00!

Timing Your Move!

There’s ALWAYS an overlap of time with any move. You know… leaving the old place and starting at your new place! Sometimes you might get really lucky and there might only be an overlap of just a week or two, and you’ll save money!

But sometimes THAT can stretch out to a much longer period… many weeks or months even, especially when you might be trying to settle on a house… or even building a new place! And THAT can start to get very expensive if you aren’t careful!

And this is where Pack and Stack Self Storage has a solution for you!

If you have to move into a smaller place while you wait for the bigger (final) place to be available for you… then Pack and Stack can temporarily store all that excess stuff that won’t fit into your temporary accommodation!

Or if you’ve just moved to an new area on an impulse, and you’ve got nowhere organised to live yet, again Pack and Stack can help store your stuff!

While there is a minimum of ONE MONTH STORAGE required in all cases… that’s still a LOT cheaper than paying for any extra time at your vacating property, just to store your stuff!

When you do contact us please discuss the “timings” that might affect you. Pack and Stack understand such things, and can try to organise some “wiggle room” to help you out a little more!

And with just a deposit to cover the first week’s storage, you can easily RESERVE a storage unit for your move dates!

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