One of the (not so strange) facts of life is that, the older we get, the more “stuff” we seem to accumulate!

And the average adult accumulates a fair amount of stuff! But when you add in a spouse and a couple of kids into the situation… well, you’re talking about an awful lot of possessions.

Then, we just seem to cart that everywhere! Wherever we go, all our “stuff” gets dutifully packed up and follows us. Eventually our homes beautifully display our lifetime collection of goodies for people to admire, much like a bower birds nest shown nearby 🙂

Sometimes our so-called “valuable” stuff finds its way to an old tin shed out in the hot sun, or so jam packed into a dusty old garage that you can’t fit your car in there anymore!


NOT good enough! 

So What's the Solution?

If you’re finding that a lack of space @ your place is becoming a problem, then it might be time to think about using a self storage unit.

Whether you use self storage for just a temporary “fix”, or for longer term personal storage, a Pack and Stack self storage unit offers a hassle free solution to help solve a variety of your personal storage problems.

Bower Bird

Are You...

The most obvious use for self-storage is for when you are moving to a new flat, house, or city!

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve moved! But I DO know I have often used self-storage places to help me out in various ways…


A lot of us try to “live” in our place while renovating it! Heaven knows, I’ve been there and done that several times!

But there’s one thing I now KNOW that I WILL DO the next time I try to renovate anything…


Ask your real estate agent about “staging” your home to get a faster sale or better selling price!

That could simply mean creating an illusion of more space by moving some of your “junk” offsite to a self storage unit. OR it could even mean that you…


Downsizing or decluttering can help you create NEW and “fresh” space in your life!

It can also stop you from continually tripping over, and keep cleaning around (LOL) what is mostly “baggage” from multiple earlier lifestyles!


Are You A Student?

When you need move out of your accommodation @ university for the holidays, your “stuff” could easily find it’s way back to your family home for a few weeks at a time.

For students who may not have that luxury, having access to a Pack & Stack Self-Storage unit during semester breaks is convenient and useful.

Are You Travelling?

Well, you can’t take it all with you, so what CAN you do?

Store your personal gear with Pack & Stack Self-Storage, so you don’t put off your travelling!

If you have someone in your place while you are gone, there’s no worry about your possessions being damaged. Your stuff is securely stored with us, and ready for when you get home!

Got a Family Crisis?

There are two life events we don’t ever really want to think about…  but quite often life likes to throw a few “curveballs” at us!

The reality is that a divorce or separation, or a death in the family, can require a quick self-storage solution to help deal with some immediate issues.

Pack and Stack can help in times of such family crises!

Got Another Storage Emergency?

Has a family member come back home and needs their room back?

Perhaps something has gone wrong at your place (eg fallen tree maybe)? And that means you need to get stuff out of the house for a short time?

No hassle! Pack and Stack Self Storage can provide you with solutions to all sorts of storage emergencies.

Discuss YOUR Storage Problem...

Pack and Stack provides Self Storage Solutions to residents of the Far North Coast/Northern Rivers area of NSW, Tweed Heads and Gold Coast.

We’re based in beautiful South Murwillumbah, just 20 minutes from the coast along the Tweed Valley Way!