Are You Selling?

Then Ask Your Agent About Staging!

“Staging” is a process that is used to “improve” the presentation of a house during the selling phase, where you can either:

• Clear out all of your furniture COMPLETELY and HIRE some “newer” furniture to create a better impression, OR

• Simply “declutter” and put some of your excess stuff into storage so your place seems to be a lot more spacious than it really is 😉


• Add some “nice” decorating touches to make it more “pleasant”, or “modern”, etc…

When done properly, this “faking it” by “staging it”, can help to:

  • BOOST your prospects of a FASTER SALE, and possibly
  • IMPROVE your selling PRICE!

Prospective buyers need to be able to IMAGINE their stuff in the space they are viewing… and that may mean they do NOT want to look at yours!

So, imagine when you are selling, that you are on one of those reality TV home remodelling shows… and THAT’S what staging is all about!

Making your place look as “presentable” as possible!


And if that means storing your stuff with someone???

Then Pack and Stack Self Storage can help you over that little hurdle!

It ALSO means that people aren’t snooping through YOUR stuff when you have inspections! That’s a security bonus right there 🙂

Discuss YOUR Staging Problem...