Sorry – I just had to ask!

But WHY do a lot of us try to “live” in our place at the same time as we try to renovate it?

Heaven knows, you’ve probably been there and done that – several times! And will probably keep coming back for more LOL

But there’s ONE thing you should KNOW that you should DO the next time you try to renovate anything, which will make everything a LOT SAFER and also a LOT EASIER!

And what’s that?

Why? Oh Why?
Do We Do This? 🙂

Pinky swear me this...

"The very NEXT time I renovate, I promise to..."

Move My Stuff Into
A Self Storage Unit!!!

Why #1

It PROTECTS your expensive furniture and clothing etc from the CLOUDS of DUST that always accompany any renovation!

Why #2

It makes life for tradies a LOT SAFER – removing trip hazards, slowing down the job to “move” things out of the way, etc!

Why Not?

If not? Well, at least protect your stuff and PACK it into the proper book boxes and tea chests available from Pack and Stack 🙂

And Safely Store while Renovating!